Roger has taught guitar to many students of various ages and skill sets.


This is Mike. He has been studying with Roger for 2 years and is one of his finest adult students.


This is Dylan. He has been taking lessons with Roger for over 2 years and is one of the best 11 year old players around.


This is Brent. He was the President of Southwestern College where Roger teaches. He is new student, and is going to be a great player.


Fifteen year old Steven cuts a mean pose with his Les Paul electric. Steve has been taking lessons with Roger for 3 years and plays excellent rhythm guitar for Plamcroft Baptist Church youth praise band. Way to go Steven!


This is Juel and Roger’s dog Shadow.  Juel has been taking lessons with Roger for 6 years and proves that students of all age groups can learn and have fun with the guitar.

6 Year Old Girl

This precious 6 year old child, seated next to her mom is Brielle.  She is planning on becoming the first lady of the classical guitar.


This is Roger’s son Daniel.  Daniel began playing at the age of 6.  Daniel plays professionally with his Dad, Roger, and has won first place in the Guitar Center Preliminary Competitions.


Meet 17 year old Billy, the first place winner of the Maricopa County Community College classical guitar competition.  He won first place after only 3 years of lessons with Roger (his only teacher) and is now attending Arizona State University on a full scholarship...